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Man on Walker

Mobility Aids


Supporting Your Independence


Prescription of walking aids (sticks/ canes/ crutches / 4WW/ indoor walkers) can be completed by our experienced team of physiotherapists or occupational therapists.


We assess your gait, balance, cognition and the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neurological systems to ensure we are prescribing the most suitable walking aid for your needs.


Our therapists will generally trial the piece of equipment with you, educate you about the correct way to use the aid, ensure your safety during use and make sure it
is appropriately sized and adjusted.

Our Mobility Aid Services

Walking sticks and canes

Light weight walkers

4 wheel walkers

Wheel chairs

Indoor walkers


Pick up frames 


We Support You

If you or your loved ones require occupational services to support independence and wellbeing, please contact us...

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