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Our physiotherapist can provide you with an individual or group hydrotherapy program to assist with your rehabilitation

How We Can Help

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy treatment conducted in a heated pool. Hydrotherapy can be used in the treatment of a multitude of different conditions including:

Spinal Pain and /or injuries

Cardiorespiratory problems

Balance Dysfunction

Athritis and aged care

Post-operative and orthopaedic conditions

Our  experienced physiotherapists are able to assist you with an individualised exercise program completed in an individual session.

Do I need a Referral?

Yes. Please see your doctor for clearance and a referral to attend hydrotherapy. Your sessions may be eligible for a partial or full funding via:

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Government Funded Packages 

Eg; Home Care Packages

Medicare Rebates under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (EPC)

DVA (eligible card holders with doctors referral

Home Health Rehab host 1:1 hydrotherapy sessions. If you would like further information please don't hesitate to contact us today.


Discover the Benefits

Our professional team can assist you in your treatment with tailored hydrotherapy classes...

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